Dear Dr. Katz:
I'm caught in a vicious cycle. I'm
massively overweight, and I'm
constantly depressed. I'm constantly
depressed because I'm overweight,
but I'm too depressed to leave the
house for anything except the most
basic of needs. I go to work, shop
for food and critical supplies, and not
much else. I'm really looking forward
to getting my copy of your DVDs.
(It'll make staying at home a bit more
pleasant). I think you're a very
handsome man, and....I wish I could
be one of your patients....Do you
make house calls?

Weight For Me
Dallas, TX

Dr. Katz advises:
Cheer up sweet mama. Have you ever thought of sticking your head in the toilet and flushing until your actual life starts to look more appealing? Works for me.

Dr. Katz




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